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Welcome to CASSA Australia

CASSA - Compliant Automated Safety Systems Alliance

CASSA is an online OHS compliance centre that allows you to access all of your work registers and plant and equipment records, checklists, forms & other necessary compliance documents, all in one easy-to-access online and secure location.

The CASSA System itself is so advanced and unique, that it has a legalised patent to preserve its intellectual property rights. The Patent shows that CASSA is a leader in OHS management systems, and has contributed significantly to innovation within the industry.

We all know the time involved, and the difficulties in maintaining OHS Compliance. Industry Statistics show that only 15 - 17 % of businesses are 100% Compliant.

When an incident occurs, the consequences for businesses who have not complied with their OHS Responsibilities are severe. Many companies can not recover from the substantial costs and penalties of litigation. This is the reason why so many companies are now looking towards CASSA as the most cost effective solution to their OHS compliance & management problems.

To find out more about how CASSA can ensure you meet with 100% Compliance with the ever changing Safety Laws and Legislations, select your industry below.

When you think OHS, the Leaders are thinking CASSA.