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How it Works - Body Corporate
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CASSA ‘s online database maintains reminders and notifications for management to act on inspections and maintenance issues. If for some reason these issues are not completed, CASSA will contact the relevant people and rectify the problem. Also if your team changes and new managers are put in place CASSA is only a phone call away, we can promptly train any new employees on our easy to use system. One thing that we at CASSA know from personal and professional experience, from owning assets and being members of body corporate committees is that we like to know that our investments are being looked after and there is minimal risk of them being open to civil litigation.


The first step to becoming OHS compliant is to start with an on-site audit. One of our CASSA qualified auditing staff will assess any risks that maybe present in the building and surrounding areas.

CASSA will create a OHS safety management plan for that specific premises and have a detailed safety management system for an array of OHS issues that present themselves when managing a building. The most attractive attribute of the CASSA system to body corporates is that CASSA is not a “one off pay for it and away you go”, once you are a part of CASSA you will receive scheduled reminders when certain OHS information is required and needed to be documented.

The CASSA online notification system for body corporates is the first of its kind. Once the on-site audit is completed and the specific OHS management plan is has been developed, our OHS CASSA agent will train your manager in the safety management system, taking any guess work out the process of being OHS Compliant. Please see our Services section for a list of our comprehensive OHS management services.