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Is YOUR Business OHS Compliant?
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It is a legal obligation as a person conducting a business or undertaking, to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements of the Workplace Health & Safety Act, and Work Place Health & Safety Regulations. Failure to demonstrate fundamental requirements of this legislation will expose your business and you personally, to significant penalties.

In the event of an incident occurring within your company and you cannot demonstrate these fundamental requirements, civil and criminal charges may also be laid.

If you answer NO to any of the below questions, this means you are non-compliant and your companies OH&S System needs a health check.


  1. Do you have a company OHS Policy, and is it displayed at your workplace?

  2. Do you have a Company Rehabilitation Policy, a nominated Rehabilitation Coordinator, and a Return to Work Programme in place?

  3. Do you have a risk assessment process in place to identify, assess and control hazards in your workplace?

  4. Do you have processes in place to receive information regarding incidents, hazards and risks and respond in a timely manner?

  5. Have you developed Safe Work Method Statements for all job related tasks?

  6. Have you thoroughly trained all of your staff in Manual Handling processes and Safe Work Method Statements?

  7. Have you established consultation processes with your staff?

  8. Do you review and maintain accurate records on all of your OHS documentation and procedures, as dictated by the legislation?

  9. Do you know what the definition of a Notifiable Incident is, and what your obligations are in regards to these incidents?

These questions address just a few of the legislative requirements that your company must be compliant with. For a FREE comprehensive Company Safety Health Check click below and take the first step in becoming OHS compliant.

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