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CASSA Testimonials
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CASSA provides a much needed service to the industry. It will streamline sub contractor OHS compliance and allow OH&S Managers / advisors / officers to focus on important OHS safety practices out in the field where they should be, instead of being tied up in the office chasing up sub contractor compliance issues. This appears to be an industry wide problem, and all principal contractors and sub contractors should seriously take a look at CASSA and the services they offer." Cassa not only provides the up front assistance to Contractors and Sub-contractors, but the ongoing monitoring and advise during the course of a project as activities change.

OHS&E Manager

This is a great solution that will save me hours and hours in the office. I can now spend more time out on site where every safety officer should be, making sure safe work practices are being followed.

Safety Officer
Hansen Yuncken

The level of service has far exceeded our expectations. Our Principal Contractors have been impressed with the quality of our OHS Plan, and the involvement of CASSA as our safety consultants and trainers. My company has always struggled with a non- unified safety system and changing legislation, CASSA has given our company a systematic safety system. The immediate benefit has been the workers now know the correct method of doing their job safely and as CASSA has taken on all our jobs, the arbitraries between different sites has fallen away. CASSA has taken a huge workload off my management personnel, and with the price structure of their services, it was an easy decision to make. I would recommend CASSA to anyone who needs assistance in achieving and maintaining OHS compliance.

CMC Metal Roofing

CASSA has taken the headache away in regards to safety compliance, and has brought our safety standards up to a point where we can tender for larger jobs. Being compliant with our OHS obligations is now easy. I don't have to worry about safety when starting on a new job. CASSA take care of everything for us. It really is a relief.

NQ Rigging

I have never fully understood what needed to be done to ensure that we were 100% Compliant with our Safety obligations on site. CASSA has not only taken all the guess work out of it, they have educated us in our obligations under the legislation and have painted a clear picture for us. We are now highly regarded by Principal Contractors regarding our safety practices, and have already won a job because of it. CASSA has made it easy for me to ensure our sites are always compliant, and at the same time, have taken a huge workload off my shoulders. Thank you CASSA! I would recommend everyone to join CASSA and make their lives easier.

Site Supervisor
Tropical Fabrications