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About CASSA - Compliant Automated Safety Systems Alliance

With a combined national experience in the Work Health & Safety industry spanning over 100 years, CASSA has been developed by an elite group of Work Health & Safety Officers & Managers. CASSA was introduced as a result of complex and every-changing legislations, meaning an unfortunate short-fall in many job sites surrounding their OHS compliances and monitoring. CASSA’s innovative and complex technology spent two years in the development stages, to result in what is today known as the leaders in Safety Systems.

The CASSA System itself is so advanced and unique, that it has a legalised patented process to preserve its intellectual property rights.


Previously, both Principle Contractors and Sub-Contractors have needed to dedicate an enormous amount of resources to ensuring they meet Australian Standards, The Work Health & Safety Act, Regulations and all relevant Codes of Practice. And as a result, CASSA was born to ensure four vital things;

  1. All Workplace Health & Safety Laws and Legislations are met with 100% Compliance

  2. To save Principle Contractors, all Sub-Contractors & Body Corporates valuable human resources, finances, and to maximise on the projects financial turn-over

  3. To ensure Body Corporates are met with 100% Compliance in providing safe work places for their employees, the public and the owners and tenants

  4. To ensure that all construction workers, through to Senior Management and Directors are supplied with relevant and/or required training and development programs

The fact that we live and breathe Occupational Health & Safety, means that you don’t have to.