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OHS Compliance & Management doesn’t have to be difficult
– in fact, with CASSA it’s simple.

CASSA is an online OHS compliance centre 'with a difference' that allows you to access all of your work registers and plant and equipment records, checklists, forms & other necessary compliance documents, all in one easy-to-access online and secure location. Both the Principal Contractor and their sub-contractors can access the OHS documentation from on the job site, a smart phone, a laptop or from the office.

Developed as the perfect solution to the complexities surrounding 100% compliance with the ever changing Safety Laws and Legislations, CASSA is the OHS Bridge between the Principle Contractor and its Sub-Contractors.

As the Principle Contractor you shouldn’t need to put your accreditation at risk each time you hire a new Sub-Contractor, nor should it be a time consuming process to maintain compliance of your Sub-Contractors. CASSA makes it easy by policing the OHS compliance system – and your Sub-Contractors – on your behalf. Reduce the likelihood and risk of litigation, by allowing CASSA to help ensure 100% compliance of your Sub-Contractors at all times. CASSA will assist you in maintaining your accreditations and to help you maximise on the turn-over of each project that you undertake.

CASSA also satisfies a variety of training requirements surrounding OHS, from construction industry workers through to Supervisors, Managers and OHS Committee Members. Including offering the proper training, monitoring, reviewing and auditing, to reduce the risk of litigation and put the responsibilities back on your employees and Sub-Contractors.

One of our trained CASSA representative will meet with you to create a tailored CASSA Safety Management System for your business. This process will ensure that you comply with all your obligations under the current Occupational Health & Safety legislation

Occupational Health & Safety is not an option, it’s a legal requirement for all businesses and by partnering with CASSA, it really is made simple.


  • Ensure all of your Sub-Contractors are 100% Compliant at all times and with the latest in Safety Laws & Legislations
  • Exonerate yourself as an Employer and reduce the likelihood of litigation
  • Always be prepared for visits by Workplace Health & Safety Inspectors or External Auditing Bodies
  • CASSA, fully compliant with all State & Federal Accreditation Requirements, is a vital tool in maintaining your State & Federal Accreditation
  • Save thousands of dollars associated with the reproduction of documentation, monitoring and management
  • Allocate resources more effectively
  • Your Workplace Health & Safety Officers will be able to focus on Safe Work Practices
  • Instant access to your Sub-Contractors Safety Documentation
  • No chasing Sub-Contractors for documentation (CASSA’s Automated Reminder System does it for you)
  • CASSA will send you automated notifications when a Sub-Contractor has not met their OHS requirements OR has made an update to their OHS documentations


  • CASSA is a proven solution to assist in winning Sub-Contractor jobs, by showing Principle Contractors that you meet all required Safety Legislations, State & Federal Safety Standards, and that you are committed to Safe Work Practices
  • Always be prepared for visits by Workplace Health & Safety Inspectors or External Auditing Bodies
  • CASSA saves you valuable time, money and resources by automating all of your OHS requirements and sending you regular updates and notifications when an OHS compliance requirement needs to be actioned
  • Spend more time in the field to maximise your turn-over, and more time winning new jobs
  • If a new law has been passed in relation to OHS you will be notified immediately
  • Integrating CASSA into your existing business, and leveraging our resources and expertise will help you deliver high-performance safety practices.
  • With the new harmonised WH&S legislation coming in effect, CASSA will ensure a smooth transition by assisting you in maintaining your compliance with all new legislative requirements.
  • When you think Safety Systems, the leaders are thinking CASSA